Friday, December 7, 2012

Wifi Hacking Software

Best way to wifi hack password!

Hack wifi

Wifi Hack  -

I must say I'm impressed using this type of hacking tool, it's amazing it works on all windows systems and it's like plug and play! You have to download it (it really is free software), open it (no installation - 100% portable) and select the wireless network you desire to hack, this takes like 5-30 minutes with respect to the encryption and complexity of password. It is amazing that it could hack any wireless network encryption - WPA/WPA2/WEP/WPA-PSK and the like!

Hacking with linux

wifi hack
You also can use linux to compromise any wireless network, this might require few tools that I'm not planning to mention here - you'll be able to run Wifi Hack - on linux also - using wine! All the features work like on windows and hacking is easier than in the past.


wifi hackYou will use Wi-Fi stumblers to detect nearby networks as well as their information, for example the connection speed, security type and media access control address.Sniffers can capture packets to record what users are performing for the access point - using sniffers it is simple to capture any information sent within the network - also the passwords.

 Hacking Wifi using Mac

Infecting users over wireless network

Right now remote infection isn't likely - at the very least I don't think it really is - you can infect users using exploits, there are several exploits available that exploit older browsers like traveler, firefox there are exploits for flash, java, pdf plugins that enable remote execution in your machine - most of them are fixed at the time of at this time. There is no way to just infect users via wireless connection.

Hacking Wifi

Have you ever experienced need of a fast net connection and all of the nearby wireless network are password protected - that's upsetting right? Now we have an approach to your condition, you'll be able to hack any wireless network using few click with all the newest wifi hack - Wifi Hack Password. This is the best and many stable wireless hacking tool which has most effective graphical user interface ever made!
Right now, I don't know any programs used for hacking that work on mac. Although you are able to download virtualbox or vmware player and run windows applications there - it truely does work perfectly! You won't lose any speed when cracking the password and you can crack each of the wireless network you want with only few mouse clicks - simple as that - no need for some premium or high costing programs that don't work - Wifi Hack Password is a open source software (you can find the source when contacting their support).

Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Girl

Watch New Girl online

Hey, everyone have you all heard about tv series called "New Girl" I quite like it The plot is based on 4 around 25-30 year old "young" persons who are dating people and all live in the same apartment trying to figure out what to do with life. There are lots of great jokes about life and so on. I love how to actors act, they are really great at acting.

If you are not watching any shows right now, I really suggest this one because it really is very good!

Watch new girl online


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